Spotted Dick, Sherbert Dips and potted meat paste.

So, according to my British friends and my anglophile pals also living in California I'm way behind on what's new here in SoCal ... Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market expanded their British food section!

Hello? What was I doing that I missed this golden opportunity to stock up on tins of Spotted Dick and Treacle Pudding?

So much for having a finger on the pulse of the west coast supply and demand of British fare.

When I did get to my local store I stood for moment taking in the smell of Flakes and Crunchies, Sherwood curries and poppadoms, and of course, my favorite tinned deserts (the olfactory experience here being totally hallucinatory).

Furtively grabbing my supply of sticky nostalgia, a couple of squeezy bottles of Heinz Salad Cream (great with tuna), and the must-have McVities chocolate digestives I dashed through checkout like I'd just bought crack. 

Interesting note: McVities choccie biccies now come in a cardboard tube? Handy, but as my friend pointed out who has them long enough they need an airtight container.

It's fantastic Fresh and Easy stock all this British goodness, but I want to give a special shout out to my local speciality British stores too. They've kept my cravings for sausage rolls and Sherbert Dips down to mere twinges over the years, and it's like popping round to your corner shop when you spent your 10p pocket money on a pick and mix bag of Flying Saucers, Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, (sweets that were like crack to a 7 year old).

If you live local to Ventura drop by Rosie Lee Imports, or try The Hare and the Hounds in Thousand Oaks.  Susan and Trisha stock everything from Royal Wedding memorabilia to potted meat paste.

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