Happy Samhain and a Peaceful Pagan New Year!

Check out the nifty little Discovery Channel animated guide to Halloween and and its Celtic origins...us pagans get everywhere!

Where did Halloween come from? 

Happy Samhain!

Credit: James Williams animates the spooky history of Halloween at the Discovery Channel.

Crumpet holes!

Crumpets, crumpetscrumpets!

What's the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin? Holes my friend.

Crumpet holes go all the way from top to bottom.  Just toast, slather in butter (add a dollop of jam if you like) and watch it melt, disappearing in to those holes for a deliciously, decadent buttery bite with your cup of tea.

Buy them locally at Trader Joe's, or even make your own - try King Arthur Flour's recipes for a date with butter's best friend.

Spotted Dick, Sherbert Dips and potted meat paste.

So, according to my British friends and my anglophile pals also living in California I'm way behind on what's new here in SoCal ... Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market expanded their British food section!

Hello? What was I doing that I missed this golden opportunity to stock up on tins of Spotted Dick and Treacle Pudding?

So much for having a finger on the pulse of the west coast supply and demand of British fare.

Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb with a tin whistle?

"Celtic Pink Floyd is devoted to the arrangement of Pink Floyd songs with a Celtic rock twist. Uilleann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle, accordion, banjo, dulcimer, bodhrán, mandolin, and bones are mixed with contemporary vocals, guitars, bass and drums."

Comfortably Numb...with tin whistle? Another Brick in the Wall...with Uilleann pipes?? Mother...with accordian???

Now I like a bit of Floyd...but I'm still on the fence with this 'erm...interesting rendition of classic Floyd tracks.  Somehow the Wall with fiddle and pipes gets almost jolly and that's strangely sad.

Make up your own mind ... listen to some samples at Celtic Pink Floyd.