Billy Bob & Kath's Big Adventure

I promised a friend I would definitely try to post something about the California visit of that couple who just got hitched. Oh man, what are their names again?  Billy Bob & Kath? No, no, I have it...yes! Will & Kate. 

So glad I did too! It's amazing what you find when you're not trying hard enough.

Santa Barbara's The American Riviera® has a whole site devoted to 'Santa Barbara's Royal Summer'. I mentally doffed my feather Fascinator to the marketing gang coming up with this promotional beauty.  Honestly, I almost peed my pants in admiration.  

'Royal Experiences in Santa Barbara - 
Experience Santa Barbara Like Prince William and Kate'

Stalk, ...sorry, take a walk in their shoes! All you young loves have yourselves a Royal Experience and explore Santa Barbara just like Billy Bob and Kath may well do this weekend!