Ink and Ogham

I get asked a lot about the origins of my wrist tattoo, and apart from the most often asked 'What does it mean?', I get asked 'What are all the lines?'. 

Drum roll please...first Pub Review is up!

My guest reviewer can claim a fair bit of clout when it comes to the authentic British pub, being well... British, and having the uncanny ability to sniff out pork crackling from ten paces. Here's his personal take on one of the many British pubs you'll find in and around L.A. as well as a ride down memory lane round a hairpin or two on the back of his old Norton...

The Cat 'n Fiddle, Sunset Blvd, L.A.
....Well, in the interests of full disclosure, I need to say that since visiting my first pub at age 14 in Britain I’ve been in every colour and hue of bar imaginable and this is one of the more relaxing ones especially given it’s proximity to the noise and drama normally associated with Sunset Strip.

Obviously, my jaded eyes were already rolling as soon as I saw the

Did I ever tell you about the night I danced with faeries ...

One of the many Labyrinth cast.
... and wood nymphs; cavorted with barechested Pans and gorgeous Green Men; and a very handsome unicorn... no? Well, read on my luvlies!

The night of the Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball was a blur of fur and feather, a melange of metal and music.  The unicorn was pretty chatty too, though I could be remembering the towering oak tree that leant his oak branch against the wall above my head while adjusting his trunk.

What a night...what a feast for the eyes and soul. Each year for one magical night in July, the sultry, summer evening unfolds to reveal the most fantastical creatures and creations. Artistry and  imagination runs wild among the seemingly ordinary, the guy you stand in line behind each morning at Starbucks is dressed quite casually in furry knickerbockers and hooves, with happy horns peeking out of his nifty quiff.