Wellies, trenchfoot, thongs and socks...

With all the flippin' rain in California this weekend AND the week ahead - I was starting to wonder why on earth I didn't own a pair of wellies anymore.

That quintessential British footwear had been long forgotten by me about a week after moving across the pond, and 15 degrees south, and I realized I was in danger of trenchfoot in anything with a covered toe. I had become a devoted wearer of flip flops, (or 'thongs'...but that's another conversation for another time).

So, I got to googling welllington boots and among the array of a million designer rubber boots that popped up I found these proudly declaring their national pride of place in wellie world.

Welsh Wellies...who knew!
The design on the “welshwellies" includes the Welsh Dragon, Welsh Flag and “Cymru am Byth” (that 'Wales Forever' my fellow non-welsh speakers).

Of course, with wellies you have to wear a good pair of thick socks that don't wriggle their way down under your foot during the day.

There's a good reason...buried deep in my childhood memories is a sorrowful 'tail'.  I used to play hide and seek at a cousin's house.  It was very old and rundown, with a coal cellar. The cellar had fantastic hidey holes among boxes and stored stuff. After one wet day visit, I splashed my way home and as my mum helped pull off one of my boots a dead mouse dropped out.
True story I swear. My mum will swear to this too, granted with eyes glazed and a momentary retreat into a safe and happier place.
The unlucky rodent, crushed and semi-flattened, must have slipped down into my wellie while I was hiding and then suffocated.  I do remember thinking as I walked home how my 'sock' felt all lumpy in my boot. 

I think I just realized the real reason for my love of flip flops.

May your feet stay dry and your socks stay up!