Weetabix...can you eat three?

When I was a kid, growing up in the UK, my favorite breakfast was Weetabix...and, wonder of wonders I found this British classic a few years ago in my local Vons!  Well, cover me in sugar and call me breakfast too!
I loved the unwieldy bricks of wheat and grain with hot milk and a half the sugar bowl. If there was no milk it was a hot water...I was 10.  It made sense then. 
Today not so much sugar, or hot water (ever)...but the milk still has to be hot...even in summer!  My daughter carries on the tradition and does use half the sugar bowl. 

There was a TV ad campaign back in the 80's that had animated Weetabix skinheads (that was the 80's England for you) - if you ate Weetabix you were 'hard'.  Oh, how times change and now it's all about healthy eating and a reliable colon.
 Weetabix 'Hard Men' UK TV commerical from the '80s.
While reminiscing and looking for the old TV ad I found whole forum discussions on how other people eat their Weetabix...dry with butter, and there's even a chocolate version..what!
California of course has it's own version...add fruit, call it organic and sell it at Trader Joe's,  which is great as it's half the price!