Seaside Highland Games in Ventura

It's a ways off - not until October - but the mere whiff of a woolen kilt and my super tuned Scottish sonar is pinging at me like Sean Connery just defected in his submarine in my general direction.

I love this annual seaside celt fest down at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  It's a hoot to be sharing haggis stories, bumping into your neighbor who just happens to be a professional bagpiper, and just feeling the tartan love under the palm trees. 

I look forward to the Scottish folk music, the highland dancing, and of course, and the organizers know their audience so well, large men throwing things!

Here's the official rundown of the what, where and when, and if you have a haggis story let me know! 

October 7-9 —The Ventura County Fairgrounds literally becomes a bustling Scottish village with all the attractions and activities one could expect to find in “Auld Scotia.” Competitions in Heavy Athletics, including the telephone pole-like caber toss, Bagpipes & Drums, Scottish Fiddling and Dance. A full Darts competition by VCDA, three stages continuously alive with the finest Scottish/Irish/Celtic entertainers, parading bagpipe bands, classic British cars, battle re-enactors and a bustling Children’s Glen. Over 80 Clans represented and vendors of quality & unique Celtic goods. Authentic British food and drink are always available! Come and trace your family tree with the help of our experts!Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura (818) 886-4968;