Cèilidhs and camping...

Damn, blast and bugger...I missed Solas playing at the Ojai Concert Series back in February, and Old Blind Dogs before that!  Now that would have a been a cèilidh!A couple of years ago we camped out at the Live Oak Music Festival, in the hills above Santa Barbara. Hanging out in a field with the other Oakies, a beer, endless music and free spirited kids, young and old was a hoot.
It brought back rose-tinted memories of doing just the same at Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival back in the UK...I do so miss my damp sleeping bag, over inflated airbed, and after a couple of days... the aroma of 'eau de tent'!
So, with that in mind I'm keeping my ear to the ground, which will probably be beer soaked (from a reputable micro brewery I'm sure) and hoping to catch the next folk gathering, tent optional.

The Ojai Concert Series is hosted by the Ojai Valley Woman's Club, in downtown Ojai, and in the summer months at the Dancing Oak Ranch. 

The Live Oak Music Festival is a three day concert and camping event held every year on Father’s Day weekend in the hills above Santa Barbara.