Bugger...it's Mothering Sunday in the UK already.

Dammit, this day catches me out EVERY year.  My poor Mum... occasionally I get a random memory flashback, or just a brain fart, and a beautiful card and perfect gift wing their way over to arrive right on time, otherwise it's a Hallmark eCard the day of, and then I figure how much time I have before Mother's Day rolls around in the US...my 'Get Out of Jail' card.

Of course...the perfect gift. 

Around the world mothers are 'officially'celebrated as early as February and as late as December... I'm suggesting she moves to Indonesia.  

So this year, an eCard will pop up in Mum's Inbox apologetically. I've posted a belated greeting on her Facebook Wall and I just stuck a dirty great message on my fridge: 'May 13th - Flowers or FAIL!'

Green is the new Black...

...well for March 17th it is anyway... Happy St Patrick's Day!

Get your green togs on and get down to the Parade. Celebrate the Irish in you - even it's just the Guinness you end up supping at Dargan's!